The Talks from Neurotrauma 2015

Randy Chesnut

Brain Injury - What really matters
Watch this incredibly insightful talk drawn on years of experience to help you better manage patients

Geoff Raisman

Spinal Injury and Stem Cells
Look into the future - Geoff has pioneered what could be the most incredible feat in medicine - spinal cord repair...

András Büki

Translational Models of Critical Care
In this comprehensive talk András explains our current models of critical care... and why they may not be great models...

Richard Teff

Damage Limitation Neurosurgery
In this fast paced talk, Richard Teff eloquently explains this fundamental principal.

Peter Hutchinson

Clinical Trials in Neurotrauma
In this lecture Hutch provides a detailed overview of the current major trials in neurotrauma.

David Sharp

Secondary Injury goes on long after discharge
David Sharp explains how the latest in neuroimaging demonstrates that neuronal loss continues for many years after TBI

Grier, Davies, Hurst, Osborn

Pre-Hospital Neurotrauma
In this panel discussion Gareth grier, Gareth Davies, Tom Hurst and Mike Osborn discuss complexities especially impact brain apnoea.

Fiona Lecky & Ian Roberts

The Research Hour
Fiona Lecky intriduces Ian Roberts to discuss his latest trial, CRASH-3

Gordon Fuller

Comparative Analysis
Gordon explains the importance of comparative analysis ahead of Center-TBI

Jonathan Coles

Center TBI
Jonathan introdcues Center-TBI and explains why comparative anaylsis is needed now.

Sarah Stuart

Sarah is a speech therapist and explains the importance of speach thrapy in early TBI managment.

Karen Hoffman

Karen established but focuses here on other aspects of aftercare.

Susie Wolstoneholme

Susy explains the importance of early physio in this group.

Jaxx Cave

Jaxx gives her moving, sad and funny account of her life with and after her brain injury.

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