Dr David Hynd
Chief Scientist for Engineering and Technology at TRL
Dr Hynd has nearly 20 years’ international experience working in biomechanics and injury prevention and is Chief Scientist for the Engineering and Technology Division at TRL. He specialises in adult and child crash test dummies, injury risk, and the development of test procedures for secondary safety performance. He has led work on the development and evaluation of test procedures and tools for legislative and consumer testing, and the provision of advice on the feasibility and cost-benefit of new test regulation. More recently his work has focussed on the safety of automated vehicles, including the occupant and vulnerable road user safety requirements of these vehicles. David has project managed the TRL contribution to collaborative European projects and co-ordinated large, multi-centre testing programmes within European Working Groups, including responsibility for reporting of results to customers and other stakeholders. He has presented his work to international conferences, working groups and government committees, and his experience of working with industry partners and for UK and European regulators gives him a thorough understanding of the needs of all secondary safety stakeholders. In 2015, David received the US Department of Transportation Award for Safety Engineering Excellence. The award, which recognises outstanding contribution to vehicle and road safety, was presented to David for his significant contributions to biomechanics research and improving vehicle safety.